Eccles Grammar School

Essayan – Spring 1967





Miss S. Twigg (Conservative)

Mr. D. V. Stubbings (Labour)

Miss W. Jones (Liberal)

Perhaps the most notable result of the traditional school mock elec­tion was not the romping victory of the Labour candidate, Mr. David Stubbings, but the large gain in popularity of the Liberal candidate, Miss Wendy Jones.

Opinion polls, before the election, gave Stubbings a commanding lead over all opponents, but the poll, too, led us to believe that a safe second place for the Conservative candidate, Miss Twigg, was inevit­able. However, the 7 per cent. total for the Liberal in the first week's opinion poll, steadily grew with her increasing popularity, until E.G.S.O.P. finally showed an over-all difference of 17ľ per cent, between the Conservative party and the Liberal party, the former holding the lead.

Election day was eagerly awaited, and a record electorate of over 80 per cent. was recorded. 3-30 p.m. of the 30th of March found the assembly rooms packed to capacity, all awaiting the announcement of the returning officer, Mr. H. Miller, B.Sc.

The decisive victory of the Labour candidate was cheered loudly, but Conservative supporters gasped as their candidate held on to second place by only 10 votes. Miss Jones had gained convincingly to be only 2 per cent. short of defeating Miss Twigg into second place.

The final results were as follows:

Mr. D. V. Stubbings (Lab.) ............ 302 votes

Miss S. Twigg (Con.) .................. 167 votes

Miss W. Jones (Lib.) .................. 157 votes

Labour majority                                    135

I. D. Finch, 6LA



The season began with the usual close match against our old rivals, Worsley Wardley. The first VI were successful and scored a decisive victory showing great promise for the rest of the season.

During the season only two of the seven matches arranged were cancelled due to rain. From the five remaining matches, Eccles won four and lost only one, thus continuing the success of the previous VI.

The Second VI and Junior VI each played three matches and lost two of them.



Twisted limbs soaked with sweat,

Searing shock of shattered sinews,

Animal fear of pain;

Human fear of humiliation;

Posters advertising cruelty,

Glare from dingy hoardings,

Four shillings to see a human

Crushed in mind and body.

R. Dean, 6LSc.


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