Eccles Grammar School

Essayan – Spring 1967




Over 700 copies were sold. 3A purchased most — 48. Nearly 200 attempts were submitted, of which about 100 were of a high standard.


Form 1. Winner — Lesley Procter (IS)

Highly commended — Lee (IT)

Commended — Kay Collier (IX), Joyce Coleman (IX), Pauline Black­burn (IN).

Form 2. Winner — Pat Marsh (2D)

Highly commended — Norris (2A), Carole Walton (2D), Monica Lucas (2D).

Commended — Elaine Whitfield (2D), Kathryn Dixon (2B). Christine Hadfield (2B).

Form 3. Winner — Thomas (3C).

Highly Commended — Lee (3B), Johnson (3D), Valerie Parker (3A).

Commended — Marion Roberts (3A), Kathleen Harris (3A).

Form 4. Winner — Elaine Norris (4Sc.)

Highly Commended — Dot Levy (4L). Pam Burgoyne (4L), Vivien Hall (4M).

Commended — Boardman (4Sc.), Barbara Dolan (4M).

Form 5. Winner — Nola Brown (5Ll).

Highly commended — Christine Sunsburg (5Ll), Pam Houltram (5L2).

Commended — Robinson (5Sc.), Dobson (5PC), Hayward (5Sc.), Peters (5Sc.)

Form 6. Winner — Lee (6LSc.), (Top mark 90.4 per cent.)

Highly Commended — Wignall (6LSc.), Sandra Twigg (6LA).

Commended — Chapman (6LSc.), Cartledge (6LA), Mortimer(6LA).



The following proceeded to FURTHER EDUCATION Summer 1966:

Brain, S., Mather College of Education, Biology.

Cherry, J., Birmingham College of Education, Divinity, Geography.

Gerrard, K., Manchester University, Mechanical Engineering.

Haslam, R., Liverpool University, Electronics.

Holt, B., Imperial College London, Metallurgy.

Jones, P., Manchester University, Metallurgy.

Lunness, T. J., York University, English.

Mitchell, R. L, Bolton College of Technology, Management Studies.

Pinches, M., .Salford R. College of Advanced Technology, Applied Chemistry.

Riordan, F. B., Bolton College of Technology. Management Studies.

Smith, J., Manchester University, Metallurgy.

Thornley, H. R., Didsbury College of Education, History.

Trace, J. T., Liverpool University, Metallurgy.

Vaughan, A., Imperial College, London, Metallurgy.

Catherine M. Baxter, Doncaster College of Education. French.

A. Wendy Bradburn, St. Catherine's ColI. of Education. Liverpool, English/Art

Hazel Brown, London School of Economics, Social Studies.

Susan Campbell, Sheffield University, Modern Languages.

Mary Edwards, Anstey College of Education, Physical Education.

Susan R. Heywood, Manchester University, Latin.

Marguerite Johnson, London College of Fashion.

Marilyn Jones, C. F. Mott College of Education.

S. N. Moody, Nonnington College of Education, Physical Education.

Margaret E. Muskett, Keele University, Modern Languages.

Cynthia I. Partington, C. F. Mott College of Education, Geography.

Helen Roberts, Bolton College of Art.

Veronica M. West, Manchester College of Art.

Christine E. Wilson, Manchester College of Commerce.




1. M. Sharratt, B.Se., Chemistry. London, June 1965. September went       to Ghana to teach.

2. Katherine A. Smith, B.A. General degree in English, French and Law, at Manchester College of Commerce.

3. Geoffrey Almond, B.Sc., at Bangor.

4. Ernest Henrich is studying at Miinchen for a doctorate in medicine.

5. Peter A. Pomfrit, B.Sc., honours chemistry June 1966.

6. R. Gaffney, B.Sc., Eng. London 1966

7. Pamela Morris (nee Hicks), B.A. Honours in Geography at Liver­pool University (1964), where she was also awarded a Certificate in Education (1965).

8. Gordon Warburton, B.Sc., Honours applied Science, Newcastle, June 1966.

9. J. M. Hoath, B.Sc. Honours Chemistry, Manchester.

10. Elizabeth Roberts (nee Dyson), B.A. Honours Economics and the Diploma in Education.

11. Jean Haycock, B.A. Honours Law at Leeds University.

12. Brian Yung, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, Sheffield, and is now working in Davyhulme.

13. Elizabeth Gardner, B.Sc. Honours Biochemistry, Sheffield.

14. Maurice Prendergast left college in 1962 as a qualified teacher and took a teaching post in the service with the Federation of Rhodesia and Nyasaland. This year (1966) he obtained a B:Sc. Honours, London. Now in Zambia.


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