Eccles Grammar School

Essayan – Spring 1967




The year began well, not with a sporting event, but with the victory in the debating contest, admirably led by Lunness. In contrast, the house suffered defeats in cricket and football, but the junior girls played well and were victorious, being placed first in netball and second in hockey, with the senior netball a very unlucky third and a sad defeat in hockey. Although the badminton team was a close third there are higher hopes of victory this year. The traditionally high standard of athletics was maintained with many notable individual efforts, and until the last events, a draw for first was ominous, but we were narrowly pushed into second place by Normans.

Although results were not as good as hoped, promise for the future has been shown in the junior half of the house this year. We therefore look forward to regaining our over-all success of previous years.




This has been a very successful year for the Norman House, in both academic and athletic fields, and we deservedly gained an over-all victory. As a result of great efforts and splendid team work, Sports Day saw us victorious after being the runners-up for several years. Congratu­lations go to Anna Puzylo, Barbara Dolan and Mary Edwards, who managed to gain the junior, middle and senior championships respectively.

Unfortunately, our efforts were not great enough at Badminton and the House Debate, where a lot more support is needed.

The boys did very well for us, winning the Cross Country Championship and the Junior Football, and reaching the finals of the House Cricket, in which they were unfortunately defeated by Tudors. Some credit must also go to the girls, who came first in the House Netball last term and were runners-up in last year's House Hockey.

1967 promises to be another successful year for our house, and, if we can retain the team spirit which is now prevalent, we should manage to remain at the top where we belong.




Games, as usual, were not Stuarts' strong point and results in House Netball, Cricket, Cross Country and on Sports Day were not as good as we had hoped. However, the girls won the Senior House Hockey and we had hopes, too, of the Senior Football, which was, unfortunately, cancelled. Stuarts also won the House Badminton. In the House Points Competition Stuarts' did well, coming first on two occasions, but this success was not repeated in the House Debates when we were knocked out in the first round.

We should like to thank all those who took part in any activity on behalf of Stuarts last year and to wish everyone the best of luck in the future.

H.B., A.P.



On the whole, 1966 was a disappointing year for Tudors.

The new system of House Points was the major reason for our downfall, but luckily this has been abolished. It did show, however, a general indifference to school work, which will have to be improved if we want to see Tudor House at the top.

We hope to keep up the enthusiasm which was shown in last year's House Debates, Tudors coming second to Saxons in the finals.

As far as House Matches are concerned, the Tudor teams did very well; we came second in House Badminton, and first in House Cricket. Just before Christmas, our Junior Hockey Team came first, and the Senior Hockey and Netball teams both came second. Tudors also won the Junior House Soccer before Christmas.

Athletics were not our strong point, and Sports Day proved rather a disappointment for Tudors. However, we should like to thank all those people who took part in House activities, and hope that everyone will do their best to raise the standard this year.



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