The Grammar School, Eccles









The Free Trade Hall, Manchester


7.30 p.m., 24th November, 1960




Chairman: County Alderman Mrs. A.M. Inman. J.P.

Vice Chairman: J. P. McDougall, Esq. J.P.

Alderman R. Benson

Countv Alderman J. Bradley J.P.

Councillor C. K. Edwards

B. E. Hodson, Esq., J.P., BA.

R. A. Kane, Esq., D.F.C., B.Sc.

County Alderman Mrs. M. M. C. Kemball., J.P.

Mrs. M. Lumb, J.P., M. A.

Alderman J. McCann, M.P.

Miss E. M. Porter

Councillor Mrs. C. D. Rhodes.

Councillor H. Singleton, J. P.

County Councillor J. G. Smith

Alderman O. Williams

Rev. Canon P. Williamson, B. A.


J. VARLEY, M. A.(Oxon),

Clerk to the Governors.

Divisional Education Officer.



Headmaster: H. H. FAIRWEATHER, T. D., M. A.(Cantab.), F R. G. S.

Deputy Headmaster: H. MILLER, B. Sc.

Senior Mistress: Miss B A. BAKER, B. A.

J. BALL, B.Sc. (Senior Chemistry Master).



W. DARBYSHIRE, B.Sc. (Senior Physics Master).

D. F. ELLIS, A. R. M. C. M. (Music).


R. B. GEARY, A. T. I.

W. G. HUGHES, B. Sc. (Senior Maths. Master).

C. JONES, B.Sc. (P.E.)

L. R. NATT, B. Sc.


J. RILEY, B. A. (Senior Classics Master).

D. L. SMITH, B. A.

J. F. SMITH, F. R. S. A., M. CoII. H. (Handicraft).



J. B. WATSON, M.A, (Senior History Master).

F. R. WILLIAMS, A. T. C ..A. T. D.(Manc.) (Art).

Mrs. B. ANDREWS (Housecraft).

Mrs. A. BAXTER, B. A.

Mrs. E. M. BROADLEY, (P. E.)

Miss J. BROWN.

Mrs. D. CANNON, B. A.

Miss J. GARDNER, B. A.

Miss H. LONGWORTH, B. Sc. (Biology).


Mrs. M. K. NIDDRIE, M. A., Ph.D. (Senior French Mistress).

Miss M. PRYOR, B. Sc.

Mrs. A. SMITH, B. A.

Mrs. M. THOMAS, B.Sc.

Mrs. E. WHITTAM, N. D. D.

Miss N. YORSTON, B. A.






"The School Hymn"

Words by Rudyard Kipling Music by G. A. T. Varlev -



The Shepherds’ Farewell to the Holy Family " - Berlioz


A P McDougall, J.P.



Director of the Department of Physical Education Manchester University.


"The Ploughboy" - - - Britten

"The Sycamore Tree " - - Warlock


Proposer: Mrs. M. Lumb, J.P., M.A.

Seconder: County Alderman J. Bradley, j.P.





Will visitors please remain in their seats until the platform party has left the hall.



Prize List, 1959 - 60


Form Prizes

Presented by Messrs. L. Gardner & Sons Ltd.

1W. Veronica M. West.       2B. Janet M. Waugh.
1E. Broadbent, V. B. 2A. Smith.W. E.
1S. Enid Brookes. 3D. Sally Wakefield.
1N. Susan E. Campbell.        3C. Margaret Tavlor.
       Smith, A.                        3B. Jean W. Porter.
2E. Beryl Blinkhorn. 3A. Jacqueline C. Walton.
2D. Joan Beswick            4C. Patricia O. Saunders.
2C. Susan K. Kelly. 4B. Sheila Carrodus.


Triers’ Prizes

Presented by H. W. Whittle, Esq., M.B.E., Mrs. D. Cannon, B.A., and Mrs. A. Wright, J.P.

1W. Patricia A. Evans.         2A. Linda Woodward.
1E. Richardson, I. 3D. Walker, D.
1S. Jones. P. 3C. Ramsbottorn, M. J.
1N. Lunness, T. J.                 3B. Sandham. J. G.
2E. Illes, P. S. 3A. Knight, K.
2D. Vernon, A.                      4C. Johnson. C. H.
2C. Jackson, J. R. 4B. Pauline McCormick.
2B. Barroclough, G. G.


Music Prize

The A. Stodart Reid Prize – Janet M. Peters.


Reading Prizes

Presented by Miss B. A. Baker. BA., and L. Wharfe, Esq., M.A.

Juniors – Norma Dunham (3B)

Middle School – Ce1ia Rowe (5S)

Senior – Les1ey Hayes (6UA)

Advanced Level Prizes

ENGLISH – The Nancy H. Bent Memorial Prize.

Sandra Smith

FRENCH – Presented by Mrs. M. K. Niddrie, M.A., Ph.D.

Sylvia Morton

LATIN – Presented by Mrs. M. Lumb, J.P., M.A.

Sylvia Morton

HISTORY – The Katherine Fryer Prize.

Lesley Hayes

GEOGRAPHY – Presented by A. Rainford, Esq. Old Essian.

Pamela Hicks

MATHEMATICS – The T. I. Cowlishaw Prize.

Lockery, G.

PHYSICS – Presented by The Old Essians Association.

Lockery, G.

CHEMISTRY – Presented by The Old Essians Association.

Goodman, J. S.


Jane Sayles

THE HEAD BOY’S PRIZE FOR GOOD SERVICE – Presented by the Deputy Head Master

Hanmer, A.

THE HEAD GIRL’S PRIZE FOR GOOD SERVICE-Presented by the Senior Mistress

Sheila Anderson.

STATE SCHOLARSHIP PRIZE – Presented by W. Shercliffe, Esq., B.Sc., B.Comm.

Lockery, G.

Ordinary Level Prizes

ENGLISH LITERATURE – The Daisy H. Garbett Memorial Prize

Margaret Barlow

ENGLISH LANGUAGE – Presented by Mrs. E. A. Sainter, B.A. Thornley, P. L.

FRENCH – Presented by Mrs. W. Mackay, M.A.

Jean M. Barks

LATIN – Presented by Mrs. M. Lumb, J.P., M.A.

Thornley, P. L.

HISTORY – Presented by B. E. Hodson, Esq., J.P., B.A.

Thompson, D. J.

GEOGRAPHY – Presented by Mrs. A. Jessel, M.A.

Nickson, J. E.

MATHEMATICS – Presented by F. H. Pollitt, Esq., B.Sc.

Worthington, A. A.

PHYSICS – Presented by W. Darbyshire, Esq., B.Sc.

Nickson, J. E.

CHEMISTRY – The J. H. Gunter Prize.

Buckley, G.

ART – Presented by A. Rainford, Esq., Old Essian.

Williams, G. D.

HOUSECRAFT – Presented by Miss E. C. Foster.

Janet Hall.

THE HANDICRAFT PRIZE – Presented by J. F. Smith, Esq.

Appleyard, P. D.


Caldwell, J. D.


Examinations of the Joint Matriculation Board, 1960

Passes at Advanced Level,

"A" Advanced Level "O" Ordinary Level

Bailey, C. W "A" History.
Brown, D "A" Maths., Chem. "O" Phys.
Buckley, W. A "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Farmer, W "A" Maths. and Theor ,Mech., Phvs.
Goodman, J. S "A" Phvs., Chem.
Hanmer, A "A" Phys., Chem. "O" Bio.
Henrich, P. T. R "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
King, H. A "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Lealh, D "A" Phys., Chem.
Lockery, G "A" Maths. & Theor. Mech. (Dist.), Phys. (Dist.).
Mather, D "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
McDonald, I "A" Phys., Chem.
Medlicott, D. J "A" Chem. "O" Maths., Phvs.
Purslow, B "A" Maths., Phvs., Chem.
Roe. J. D "A" Chem. "O" Zoo.
Shaw, P. M "A" Phys.. Chem. "O" Maths.
Yung, B. S "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Anderson, Sheila "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Bevon, Joan "A" Phys., Chem.
Clare Elizabeth T "A" E. Lit., Hist
Crossley, Jacqueline E. "A" E. Lit. "O" Geog
Hayes, Patricia L "A" Hist., Geog. "O" Geology.
Hicks, Pamela "A" Geog., Geology. "O" E. Lit.
Jolly, Jean "A" French. "O" E. Lit.
Langtree, Sandra "A" Maths., Chem. "O" Phys.
Morton, Sylvia "A" E. Lit., Latin, French (Dist.).
Quinn, Marjorie "A" French. "O" E. Lit.
Sayles, Jane "A" History. "O" E. Lit.
Sheppard, Joyce A "A" E. Lit., Geog. French.
Smith, Sandra "A" E. Lit., Hist., French.
Steggles, Ann M "A" E. Lit., "O" Hist., French.



Passes at Ordinary Level.


Adamson, A. E.Lit., Hist., Geog., G.Sc.1.
Aimson, A. J. E.La., E.Lit., Geog., Chem.
Ashcroft, N. E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Maths.
Barlow, J. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Buckley. G. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Buttervorth, P. W. Geog.
Claridge, A. W. F.La., Geog.. Fr., Chem.
Connor, J. F. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys.
Cunningham, J. E.La., E.Lit., Fr.
Fairgrieve, A. D. E,La., Maths., Phys.
Fairgrieve, J . Geog., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Farn, J. A. E.La., E.Lit., Geog.. Fr., Maths.
Gorvett, L. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Gothard, J. S. E.La.. E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Maths.
Hodgen, J. E.Lit.. Hist., Geog., Maths.
Hodson. K. B. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Howard, D. A. E,La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Maths.
Inch, A. J. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., G.Sci.1.
Legge, I. D. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Fr., Maths
Lees, M. R. S. E.Lit., Geog.
Little, M. E.Lit., Hist., Geor., Fr., Maths. Phvs., Chem.
Lord, B. J. E.La., Geog., Maths., G.Sci.1.
Monk, D. H. Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths
Mortimer, R. E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Maths.
Nickson, J. E. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Ollerenshaw, R. E.La., E.Lit., Geog., Art, Fr., Maths.
Owen, B. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog.
Parrott, R. Maths.
Perkins, A. F. E.La., G.Sc.1.
Peters, D. A. Hist., Maths.
Pomfret, P. A. Maths., Phys., Chem.
Price, I. E.La., Geog., G.Sci.1.
Prince, K. Geog., Maths.
Rayner, G. G. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Chem.
Roscoe, I. J. Maths.
Sharrocks, D E.La., Hist., Geog., Maths., G.Sci.1.
Smith, R. Geog.
Smith, S. G.Sci.1.
Swift I. S. E.Lit., Hist., Maths.. G.Sci.1.
Taylor, S. E . E.La., Geog.
Thompson. D. J . E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths.
Thornley, P. L . E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Latin, Fr., Maths.. Phys.
Timmins, R. E . E.La., E.Lit., Geog.
Turncr, C . E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog.
West, R. J. E.La., E.Lit., Geog., Art, Fr.
Westbrook, K. M. E.Lit., Geog. Maths., Phys., Chem.
Whittaker, J. B. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog.
Wilkinson, E. D. E.La., E.Lit.. Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Chem.
Williams, C. D. Geog., Art.
Williamson, D. C. Hist., Geog.. Fr.
Woolley, D. J. Fr.
Worthington, A. A. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem




Allen, Elizabeth E.La., E.Lit., Fr., Maths.
Bardsley, Kay E.La., E.Lit., Geog., Fr.
Barks, Joan M. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Art, Lat., Fr.. Maths.
Barlow, Margaret E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog.. Art. Fr., Maths.
Bartles, Sylvia J. E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths.
Beaven, Hilary M. E.La., Geog.
Brookes, Joan E.La., Art, Maths.
Carr, Valerie E.La., E.Lit., Fr.
Dootson, Barbara E.La., E.Lit.
Fell, Pamela A. E.La., E.Lit., Geog.. Fr., Maths.
Gardner, Elizabeth E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Grayson, Lynda A. E.Lit., Hist., Geog.
Greenfield, Jean G.Sc.1.
Gunn, Susan C. E.La., E.Lit., Fr., Maths.
Harcourt, Georgina Art.
Hardy. Christine M. E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Art, Lat., Fr., Maths.
Harper. Carol E.La.. E.Lit., Geog.. Fr., Maths.
Hobson, Beryl M. E.La., Geog., Fr., G.Sci.1.
Hodgkiss. Valerie E.La., E.Lit., Geog., Fr.
Howard, Margaret E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Art.
Hulmes, Anita E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Fr.
Johnson, Carol M. E.Lit., Geog., Fr.
Jones. Audrey E.La., Fr., Maths.
Kynaston, Patricia E E.Lit., Hist.
Lancaster. Barbara Fr.
McCullough. Hilda A. E.La., E.Lit., Fr.
Maxwell, Janet E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Maths.
Nichol, Vivien E.La., E.Lit., Art.
Orr, Mary R . Fr., Maths
Potter, Margaret C. E.La., E.Lit., Hist.
Power, Carol E.Lit., Latin, Fr.
Redford, Sharon M. E.La.. E.Lit.. Hist., Art, Maths.
Rhodes, Margaret Geog., Art.
Ridgeway. Pauline A. E.La., E.Lit., Geog., Art., Lat., Fr., Maths.
Rowlands, Elaine A. Art.
Shearer, Janet E. E. La., E.Lit .,Art, Fr., Maths.
Smith, Kay P. Art
Stronge, Diana E.Lit., Hist., Art.
Vose. Barbara A. E.Lit., Hist., Art.
Walker, Janet E.La., E.Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Chem
Wallwork, Yvonne E.La., E.Lit., Art, Fr.
Whitehead, Ann M. E.La., E.Lit., Geog., Art, Fr.
Withington, Ann E.La., E.Lit., Fr.
Wolstenholme, Ruth E La., E.Lit., Maths.
Wood, Ann M. E.La., Hist.. Geog.. Fr., Maths.
Woodall, Dorothy J. E.La.
Woodruff, Carol Art, Fr., Maths.
Wyatt, Jeanne A. Art.


Brizland, J. R. Physics.
Derbyshire, B. General Paper.
Keeley, D. C. E.La.
King, H. A. General Paper.
Nelson, P. E.La.
Warburton, G. E. Physics. Chem.
Bailey, Angela Maths.
Bevon, Joan General Paper.
Lingard, Patricia Art.
Lockery Jean German.
Morton, Sylvia General Paper.
Nuttall, Anne General Paper.
Peters, Janet Music.
Royle, Bette General Paper. Art.
Smith, Katherine German.
Taylor, Elspeth German.



Lockery, George – returned to School.



Buckley, W. – to Manchester University to read Metallurgy.

Carton, D. – to Nottingham University to read Geology.

Goodman, J. S. – to Manchester College of Technology to read Textile Chemistry.

Henrich, E. V. E. – to Sheffield University to read Physics.

Yung, B. – to Sheffield University to read Dentistry.



Bailey, C. W. – St. Mark and St. John Training College, London.

Brown, D. – Edgehill Training College, Ormskirk.

Rudd, T. – Cheltenham Training College.

Christine Aldred – North Staffs. College of Domestic Science.

Lynda E. Asquith – Domestic Science College, Newcastle-on-Tyne.

Barbara Brook – Domestic Science College, Nelson Hall, Staffs.

Elizabeth T. Clare – Southlands Training College, London.

Mavis E. Collum – Matlock Training College.

Jacqueline E. Crossley – Edgehill Training College, Ormskirk.

Barbara A. Hughes – Newcastle Training College.

Pauline Kay – Crewe Training College.

Janet M. Peters. – Edgehill Training College, Ormskirk.

Bette Royle – Alsager Training College, Cheshire.

Jane Sayles – Crewe Training College.

Joyce A. Sheppard – Crewe Training College.

Sandra Smith – St. Mary’s Training College, Bangor.

Ann M. Steggles – C. F. Mott Training College, Liverpool.

Christine P. Stell – Nevilles Cross Training College, Northumberland.

West, R. J. – Regional College of Art, Manchester.



W. Hoyle (1945-51): Ph.D. Birmingham.

G. Allen (1945~51): B.A. Social Studies, Durham University.

F. R. Cooke, B.A. (1946-53): Theological Tripos, Part 2, Ridley Hall, Cambridge.

P. Mann (1946-54): MB., Ch.B., Liverpool University.

J. Tinker, B.Sc. (1947-53): M.B., Ch.B., Manchester University.

Joan Sutherland (1947-54): M.B., Ch.B., Sheffield University.

G. Blood (1948-56): B.A., Leeds University

Margaret Wilkinson (1949-56): B.A., Manchester University.

Margaret Hobson (1950-57): B.A. (Hons.), Leeds University.

S. Penkett (1950-57): B.Sc., Hons. Chemistry, Leeds University.

Janice Vaughan (1950-57): B.A., Hons. Geography, Sheffield University.

B. A. Hall (1951-57): B.Sc., Hons. Chemical Engineering, Manchester University.


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