The Grammar School, Eccles










The Free Trade Hall, Manchester

7.30 p.m., 17th November, 1961



Chairman: J. P. McDougall, Esq., M.M., J.P.

Vice-Chairman: Councillor H. Singleton J.P.

Alderrnan R. Benson

County Alderrnan J. Bradlev, J. P.

Councillor G. K. Edwards.

Councillor C. L. Jones.

County A1derman Mrs. M. M. Kemball, J.P.

Mrs. M. Lumb, J. P., M.A.

A1derman J. McCann M. P.

Counci11or W. J. Myles.

Councillor C. B. Parr.

Miss E. M. Porter.

Councillor Mrs. C. D. Rhodes.

County Councillor J. G. Smith

Rev. Canon F. Williamson, B.A.

B.E. Hodson, Esq., J. P., B.A.



J. VARLEY, M. A.(Oxon),

Clerk to the Governors.

Divisional Education Officer.



Heqdmaster: H. H. Fairweather, T. D ., M. A.(Cantab.), F. R. G. S.

Deputy Headmaster: H. Miller, B. Sc. (Senior Geography Master).

Senior Mistress: Miss B, A. Baker, B. A. (Senior English Mistress).

J. Ball, B. Sc, (Senior Chemistry Master).

A. Briggs, B. Sc.

G. Coles, B. Sc,

W. Darbyshire, B. Sc. (Senior Physics Master),

D. F. Ellis, A. R. M. C. M, (Music).

W. Farrimond, B. A.

R. B. Geary, A. T. I.

D. B. Hardman, B. A.

W. G. Hughes, B. Sc, (Senior Maths. Master)

C. Jones, B. Sc. (P.E.).

L. H. Natt B.Sc.

K. F. G. Pallin, B.A.

B. S. Patmore, B.A.

J. Riley, B.A. (Senior Classics Master).

F. Smith, B.A.

J. F, Smith, F.R.S.A., M.Coll.H. (Handicraft).

B, Thomas, B.A.

L. Turner, B.A.

J. B. Watson, M.A. (Senior History Master).

F. H. Williams, A.T.C., A.T.D. (Manc.) (Art).

Mrs. B. Andrews, (Housecraft).

Mrs. A. Baxter, B. A. (Librarian).

Miss S, Boulton, B. A.

Mrs. E, M. Broadley.

Miss J. Brown.

Mrs. D. Cannon, B. A.

Miss I. M. Danson, B. A.

Miss J. Gardner, B.A.

Miss H. Longworth, B. Sc. (Biology).

Mrs. G. Mainwaring, B. Sc.

Miss M. Pryor, B. Sc.

Miss B. M. Renshaw, (P. E.).

Mrs. A. Smith, B. A.

Mrs. M. Thomas, B. Sc.

Mrs C. West, B. A. (Senior Language Mistress)

Mrs. J. S. Williams, A. T. C., A. T. D. (Manc.).




"The School Hymn"

Words by Rudyard Kipling, Music by G.A.T. Varley.



"Achieved is the Glorious Work" (The Creation) - - Haydn


J. P. McDougall, Esq., M.M., J.P.


The Bishop of Middleton.


"Homo Sapiens" (from "Cantata Academica")

"Non Nobis Magister" Words by "The English Staff"

"Coda" Music by Mr. D. F. Ellis

(Written for 50th Anniversary of School; first performed March,1961).



Proposer His Worship the Mayor of Eccles, Alderman R. Benson.

Seconder To be Announced.



Will visitors please remain in their seats until the platform party has left the hall.


Prize List, l960-61

THE HEAD GIRL'S PRIZE FOR GOOD SERVICE - Presented by the Senior Mistress.

Joan Bevon

THE HEAD BOY'S PRIZE FOR GOOD SERVICE Presented by the Deputy Headmaster.

Peter T. R. Henrich


M. Quinn


Thornley, P.


Sylvia Morton

READING PRIZES Presented by Miss B. A. Baker B. A., L Wharfe, Esq., M. A.

Juniors Carol Grayson

Middle School Christine Brown

Seniors Henrich, P. T. R.


Helen Perkins


Mort, L.

Form Prizes

Presented by Messrs. L. Gardner & Sons, Ltd.

1D Diane Leese. 3E Dunnicliffe, G. P.
1C Shelagh Bradley. 3D Kathleen Mullen.
1B Carol Myles. 3C Jacqueline Anderson.
1A Parr, M. F. 3B Nickson, I. R.
2D Janet E. Innes. 3A Smith, W.
2C Janette O. Davies. 4D Janet Francis.
2B B. Broadbent 4C Margaret Taylor.
2A Smith, A. Kathleen Dean.
4B Jean Porter



Triers’ Prizes

Presented by The Chairman and by H. W. Whittle Esq., M. B. E., Mrs. D. Cannon, B.A., R. Wright, Esq., Old Essian.

1D Dutton, C. 3E Boardman, R.
1C Norton, M. J. 3D Christine Herricks
1B Susan B. Harrington. 3C Sandra P Bolton
1A Mortimer, S. 3B Annette Wood.
2D Oakes, M. 3A Linda Darbyshire.
2C Hurst, K. R G. 4D Carol Gresty
2B Patricia Hadley. 4C Margaret Ashton.
2A Catherine Baxter. 4B Sandra Guest.





Advanced Level Prizes


ENGLISH - The Nancy H. Bent Memorial Prize.

Lynette Ball


FRENCH - Presented by Mrs. M. K. Niddrie, M. A., Ph.D.

Sylvia Morton


LATIN - Presented by Mrs. M. Lumb, J. P., M. A.

Sylvia Morton


HISTORY - The Katherine Fryer Prize.

Lesley Hayes


GEOGRAPHY - Presented by A. Rainford, Esq., Old Essian.

Elizabeth Dyson


MATHEMATICS - The T. I. Cowlishaw Prize.

Gaffney, R.


PHYSICS - The Old Essians Prize.

Derbyshire, B.


CHEMISTRY-The Old Essians Prize.

Sharratt, M.


BIOLOGY - Presented by Mrs. G. Mainwaring, B.Sc.

Joan Bevon


Ordinary Level Prizes


ENGLISH LITERATURE - the Daisy H. Garbett Memorial Prize

Enid Shepherd


ENGLISH LANGUAGE - Presented by Mrs. E. A. Sainter, B. A.

Knight, K.


FRENCH PRIZE - Presented by Mrs. W. Mackay, M. A.

Audrey Eaton


LATIN PRIZE - Presented by Mrs. M. Lumb, J.P., M. A.

Anne Withington


HISTORY PRIZE - Presented by B. E. Hodson, Esq., J. P., B. A.

Johnson, G.


GEOGRAPHY PRIZE - Presented by Mrs. A. Jessel, M. A.

Jacqueline Walton


MATHEMATICS - Presented by F. H. Pollitt, Esq., B. Sc.

Brookes, R. G.


PHYSICS - Presented by W. Darbyshire, Esq., B. Sc.

Jacqueline Walton


CHEMISTRY - The J. H. Gunter Prize

Ruth Wolstenholme


ART - Presented by A. Rainford, Esq, Old Essian

Enid Shepherd



Examinations of the Joint Matriculation Board, 1961

Passes at Advanced Level

"A" Advanced Level. "O" Ordinary Level

Ainscow, G. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Almond, G. "A" Maths., Further Maths., "O" Phys.
Appleyard, P. D. "A" Phys., Woodwork, "O" Maths.
Barker, S. R. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Cooksey, A. "A" Maths., Chern., "O" Phys.
Craighan, P. J. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Derbyshire, B. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Eckersley, B. "A" Phys., Chem., "O" Maths.
Farmer, W. ''A" Maths., Further Maths., Phys.
Gaffney, R. "A" Maths., Further Maths., Phys.
Henrich, P. T. R. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Hilton, J. M. "A" Chem.
Hoath, J. M. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Hulme, B. A. "A" Chem.
Leah, D. "A" Phys., Chem.
Nelson, P. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Old, G. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Owen, P. J. "A" Maths., Chem., "O" Phys.
Rimmer, S. R. "A" Phys., Chem.
Roe, J. D. "A" Chem., Botany, Zoology.
Rowles, I. L. "A" Phys., Chem.
Sharratt, M. ''A" Maths., Phys., Chem. (Dist.).
Shaw, P. M. "A" Maths., Phys., Chem.
Woodward, G. T. "A" Chem., "O" Phys.
Angela Bailey "A" Botany, "O" Chem., Zoology.
Lynette Ball "A" E. Lit., Latin, French.
Jennifer M. Barrow "A" E. Lit., Hist., French.
Jacqueline Beswick "A" E, Lit., Hist., Geog.
Joan Bevon "A" Chem., Biology.
Elizabeth Dyson "A" Hist., Geog., Geology.
P. Lesley Hayes "A" Hist., Geog., Geology.
Pamela M. Hicks "A" E. Lit., Geog., Geology.
R. Ann Jones "A" Maths., Further Maths., Phys.
Sandra Langtree "A" Chem., "O" Maths., Phys.
Jean Lockery "A" Latin, French.
Sylvia Morton "A" Latin, French (Dist.), German.
Anne Nuttall "A" E. Lit., Geology, "O" Geog.
Marjorie Quinn "A" French, "O" E. Lit.
Katherine A. Smith "A" E. Lit., Latin, French.
Elspeth C. Taylor "A" Latin, French, "O" E. Lit.


Passes at Ordinary Level


Barnes, D. W. Phys.
Barratt, B. L. Geog., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Bloomer, I. L. E. La., Hist., Geog.
Belshaw, J. H. Geog., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Brizland, K. C. E. La., E. Lit., Hist., Geog., Maths., Phys. with Chem.
Brookes, R. G. Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Cayton, D. R. Hist., Geog., Fr., Phys. with Chem.
Cox, D. F. Hist., Geog., Maths., Phys. with Chem., Woodwork.
Coxhill, C. H. French, Maths.
Dodd, J. A. Geog., Maths., Chem.
Dyson, G. A. E. Lit., Hist., Geog.
Elsey, L. Chem.
Griffiths, T. R. Geog., French., Maths., Phys. with Chem.
Hartland, M. C. E. La., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Heap, J. P. E. La., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Holt, F. R. Hist., Geog.
Hope, G. R. Fr.
Johnson, G. H. E. La., F. Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Phys. with Chem.
Jones, T. O. E. La., Geog., Maths., Phys., Chem..
Knight, K. E. La., E. Lit., Geog.. Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Lord, P. M. E. La., Geog.
Neil, W. A. Maths., Phys.
Parkinson, J. E. Geog., Maths., Chem.
Parrott, R. E. La., Geog., Maths.
Popplewell, C. J. E. Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Priest, A. J. E. La., E. Lit., Geog., Fr.
Roberts, J. M. Geog., Fr., Maths., Chem.
Robinson, P. L. E. La., E. Lit., Hist., Geog., Art, Lat., Fr., Maths.
Robinson, T. J. E. La., Hist., Geog., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Salt, A. J. L. E. La., E. Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths, Phys., Chem.
Saville, M. E. La., F. Lit.
Smith, J. F. Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem.
Turner, L. E. La.
Walker, C. E. La., E. Lit., Geog., Maths., Phys.
Walton, S. R. Hist., Geog., Maths., Chem.
Wetherill, R. H. E. La., E. Lit., Hist., Geog.
Wilson, J. W. E. La., Hist., Geog., Maths., Phys. with Chem.
Worsley, D. K. Geog., Maths., Phys. with Chem.

Passes at Ordinary Level


Allen, Wendy E. La., E. Lit., Geog., Lat., Fr.
Bardsley, Kay Hist., Geog., Art., Maths. (7).
Barks, Jean, V. E. La., Art., Fr., Maths.
Beaumont, Jean L. E. La., Art., Fr., Maths.
Bent, Enid O. E. La., E. Lit., Geog., Maths.
Broughton, Irene E. La., Maths., Phys. with Chem.
Carrodus, Sheila E. La.. E.Lit., Hist.. Geog., Art., Lat., Fr., Maths.
Coade, Patricia E. Lit., Art, Fr.
Dootson, Barbara Geog., Fr., Maths. (5).
Eaton, Audrey E. La., E. Lit.. Hist., Lat., Fr., Maths.
Gunn, Susan C. Geog. Maths., Phys., Chem. (7).
Hall, Janet E. La., Geog. Lat., Fr.
Hawksworth, Barbara E. Lit., Geog. Maths.
Hodgkinson, Jean, M. Hist., Maths.
Hodgkiss, Valerie Hist., Lat., Maths.
Hughes, Barbara M. E. La., E. Lit., Maths.
Johnson, Carol Geog., Art, Lat., Fr., Maths.
Kirkman, Margaret Art.
Kirkman, Sandra E. La., E. Lit., Hist., Geog., Art., Fr., Chern.
McAndrew, Margaret E. La., E. Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Chem..
McCormick, Pauline E. Lit., Maths., Chem.
Macdonald, Wendy E. Art, Fr.
Marsden, Janet E. La.
Martin, Brenda E. La., E. Lit., Hist., Geog., Art, Lat., Fr., Maths.
Mills, Lynda E. La., Lat., Fr., Maths.
Moss, Carol A. E. La.
Nash, Diana Art, Fr., Maths.
O'Hara, Beulah E. La., E. Lit., Geog.
Partington, Diana V. E. La., Hist., Geog.., Fr.
Pickstone, Valerie A. E. La., E. Lit., Fr., Biol.
Platt, Jacqueline S. E. La., E. Lit., Hist., Geog., Fr. ,Maths.
Power, Carole Hist., Art., Fr., Maths. (6).
Rogers, Lesley N. Maths.
Rowe, Celia G. E. La., E. Lit., Geog., Fr.
Saunders, Patricia O. E. La.
Seddon, C. Joan Fr.
Shepherd, Enid A. E. La., E. Lit., Geog., Art, Fr.
Stokes, Irene V. Geog., Art., Fr.
Twine, Patricia A. E. La., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem
Walton, Jacqueline C. E. La., E. Lit., Geog., Fr., Maths., Phys., Chem..
White, Shelagh M. E. Lit.
Withington, Anne Hist., Geog.,Art., Lat., Fr. (7).
Wolstenholme, Ruth Hist., Geog., Fr., Maths., Chem. (7).
Wood, C. Ann E. La., E. Lit., Art, Fr.





Cunningham, J. Hist., Geog., Maths (6).
Hoath, J. M. General Paper (9 + 3 "A").
Inch, A. J. General Paper (7).
Lord, B. J. Maths., Phys., Chem. (6).
Monk, D. H. E. La. (5).
Oween B. General Paper (5).
Perkins, A. F. Geog. Maths. (5).
Peters, D. A. Geog., Phys. with Chem. (5).
Price, I. Maths. (4).
Rimmer, S. R. Fr. (7 + 2 "A").
Rowles, I. L. General Paper (8 + 2 "A").
Sharratt, M. General Paper (8 + 3 "A")
Taylor, S. E. Math., Phys. with Chem. (4).
Warburton, G.E. General Paper (9).
Williams, G. D. E. La. (5).
Worthington, A. A. General Paper (9).
Bailey, Angela General Paper (8 + 1 "A")
Ball, Lynette German (8 + 3 "A").
Barlow, Margaret General Paper (8).
Barrow, Jennifer M. General Paper (8 + 3 "A")
Beswick, Jacqueline General Paper (8 + 3 "A")
Dyson, Elizabeth General Paper (8 + 3 "A")
Hayes, Lesley General Paper (7 + 3 "A").
Rhodes, C. Margaret E. La., Hist. (4).



Morton, Sylvia.-To Bedford College, London, to read Modern Languages.

Lockery, G. (from 1960) -To Selwyn College, Cambridge to read Mechanical Sciences.


Almond, G. - To University College, Bangor to read Maths.

Hanmer, A.-To Manchester University to read Pharmacy.

Henrich, P. T. R.-To Edinburgh University to read Medicine.

King, H .-To University College, Bangor, to read Physics.

Roe, J. D.-To Leeds University to read Agriculture.

Barrow, Jennifer M.-To Manchester University to read Social Sciences.

Bevon, Joan.-To Sheffield University to read Medicine.

Dyson, Elizabeth-To Sheffield University to read Social Studies.

Hicks, Pamela M.-To Liverpool University to read Geography.


Appleyard, C. W.-To Loughhorough College.

Shaw, A.-To Edgehill T.C., Ormskirk.

Williams, G. D.-To Regional College of Art, Manchester.

Quinn, Marjorie -To St Katherine 's T. C., Liverpool.


A. J. Bailey (1941-49): Ph.D., Birmingham University.

A. Sharples (1945-51): Ph.D., Manchester University.

R. Smalley (1950-55): B.Sc., Hons., Chem., London University.

K. F. G. Pallin (1952-57): B.A. Soc. Sci., Birmingham University.

S. C. Lomax (1954-57): B.A., Hons., English, London University.

G. S. Boon (194l-49): B.A., Hons., Geography, Manchester University.

G. W. Spiller (1948-55): M.B., Ch.B.. Manchester University.

A. D. Brookes (1949-56): B.Sc., Sheffield University.

H. A. Buckley (1940-57): B.Sc., Manchester University.

N. A. P. L. Harper (1949-56): B.M., B.S., London University.

A. Pidcock (1950-56): M.Sc., Manchester University.

K. G. Stoke (1950-57): B.Sc., Hons., Chem. Engineering, Manchester University.

A. Blears (1951-58): B.Sc., Hons., Phys., Birmingham University.

M. E. Sumner (1951-58): B. Sc., Hons., Geography, Leeds University.

A J. Homer (1952-58): B.Sc., Hons.. Phys., Manchester University.

H. R. Cox (1934-38): Dep. Architecture and Sculpture, Slade School of Fine Art, London University.